Ayurvedic medication as such has no side effects. However, the patients is required to follow all the precautions related to it, failing to which may delay the effect of medication.

The majority of the Ayurvedic medications are obtained from herbs and plants which grow in nature and don’t harm the body as are safe to use. You can purchase them from our online ayurvedic product store in Jaipur.

Panchkarma is proved to get your body rid of all sort of harmful toxins and other impurities and elevates your overall well being. It also helps you in releasing stress and depression.

Ayurvedic medications can be taken on the diagnosing of the cancer, during chemotherapy and even after chemo and operation without any risk.

Marma or vital points are the junctures which contains certain amount of energy within our body as per yoga and Ayurveda. For eg. Point between eyebrows, earlobes etc.

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