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About Nityam Ayurveda

Get best online ayurvedic consultation now from your home, in no time.

Nityam Ayurveda is dedicated to offer the best of cure based on Ayurveda, by Mother Nature along with latest technology.They offer the best online ayurvedic consultation.They are known for their internet based and technology oriented clinic with expert doctors.

We are committed to offer the best and quality treatment through Ayurveda and proper consultation based on diagnose of root cause of the disease or ailment and then curing it with natural and gentle way. Besides this, we also offer a good guidance on improving your lifestyle and health.

  • Treatment of disease root cause
  • 500+ satisfied patients and customers
  • 9 highly skilled Ayurvedic doctors
  • High success rate of treatment
  • Online, one to one consultation
  • Natural, plant based medication
Dr. Madan Lal

CEO & Founder

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We work in various departments to see out proper treatment of diseases and cure ailments.

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Our Department

Working for Your Better Health.

We work in various departments to see out proper treatment of diseases and cure ailments.


Works for your nervous system, it cures the problems related to neural system of your body and cure any problem like stroke, Parkinson’s disease or muscular dystrophy.


This department looks after the treatment or cure of the serious problems related to bones and joints like arthritis, osteoporosis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures etc.


The department will look after the gastric and intestinal ailments. All your problems and diseases related to digestive system of the body will be eliminated with success. Besides, proper guidance about diet will also be provided.


In this department, we cater and treat the problem like hair fall, hair loss, whitening of hair, thin hairs, etc with ayurvedic medication and online consultation.


Our Ophthalmology department will see through all the health issues related to eyes such as blurred vision, Glaucoma, Cataract, diabetic retinopathy, age related muscular degeneration with redness and watery eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having questions regarding the health and the treatment process is quite obvious process as per human tendency. Nityam Ayurveda will look after the resolving of all your doubts and queries related to ayurvedic treatment.

1Does Ayurvedic medicines have any side effect?

Ayurvedic medication as such has no side effects. However, the patients is required to follow all the precautions related to it, failing to which may delay the effect of medication.

2Where do Ayurveda medications come from?

Majority of the Ayurvedic medications are obtained from herbs and plants which grow in nature and don’t harm the body as are safe to use. You can purchase them from our online ayurvedic product store.

3Is Panchakarma good for detoxing the body from toxins?

Panchkarma is proved to get your body rid of all sort of harmful toxins and other impurities and elevates your overall well being. It also helps you in releasing stress and depression.

4Can you take ayurvedic medicines in cancer?

Ayurvedic medications can be taken on the diagnosing of the cancer, during chemotherapy and even after chemo and operation without any risk.

5What is marma point as per Ayurveda and panchakarma?

Marma or vital points are the junctures which contains certain amount of energy within our body as per yoga and Ayurveda. For eg. Point between eyebrows, earlobes etc.

6What are benefits of Ayurveda and Panchkarma?

Ayurvedic and panchkarma treatment is knowen to yield better results to cure any type of disease and get a healthy and overall strong body, get you free from toxins and stress.

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